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Carpe lotion NOT recommended for face/head sweating

Incase this is useful to anyone- we received this email from “carpe” after I asked if I could use their lotion for face/head sweating

Carpe lotion

Thank you so much for your interest in Carpe lotion!

Currently, we are only formulated for and tested on the hands and feet. We are aware some dermatologists are recommending Carpe Lotion for other parts of the body like the forehead, face, and scalp. We have colleagues here at Carpe that use a small amount under their arms with great results! Feel free to use a small amount of those areas, But we also recommend consulting with your doctor and/or dermatologist if you have any questions about our product usage in other areas than the hands and feet.

Carpe lotion for hyperhidrosis treatment

We have found by talking to different medical professionals, there isn’t much knowledge of the condition in the UK. 1 doctor we spoke to had only ever known 1 other person with the condition.It was then we came across Carpe lotion. We thought we would give it a try after contacting the company directly and discussing with our dermatologist.