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Carpe lotion for hyperhidrosis treatment

As a parent of a 5 year old little girl who has suffered with HH from birth rather than myself, it means a lot to get an insight into everyone’s experiences and feelings. It helps me to try to understand how our little girl feels when her “sweaty thing” as she calls it happens.
Trying new treatments and trying to interpret how she is feeling is hard, as it’s not me feeling it or dealing with the condition. I’m trying to interpret how our daughter is feeling and try to ease her discomfort as best I can with what treatments are available to us but also age appropriate for a little girl so young.
We have found by talking to different medical professionals, there isn’t much knowledge of the condition in the UK. 1 doctor we spoke to had only ever known 1 other person with the condition.
This is the reason I reached out and have joined several support groups, all based in the US. It was then we came across Carpe lotion. We thought we would give it a try after contacting the company directly and discussing with our dermatologist. I am pleased to say that although Carpe lotion has not yet taken away her sweating all together, it has definitely reduced it dramatically after only a short amount of time she has used it, giving us hope we have found something that has finally worked after 5 long years. This has given our little girl her confidence back, improving her ability to hold her pencil in school, run around in sandals. Her school teacher has even commented on her joining in more games where the children hold hands. All of the usual things we all take for granted. 
We are so proud of our beautiful little girl for everything she has been through and everything she will continue to face as a person with hyperhidrosis. She is a true inspiration already at the age of 5.


Jul 16, 2018 • Posted by admin

This is what I worry about. Children can be so cruel, sometimes without meaning to be.
Even at such a young age she is very clever.
She understands that this is something she has to learn to deal with. She knows we are there every step of the way but sometimes she gets so frustrated and upset by it. She even told us one time that she is tired of trying new things and she would just have her “sweaty thing” as she calls it. It breaks my heart knowing she is suffering but we are trying all we can to ease it. Just by showing her how many people are commenting on posts on this page has given her hope, as I think she thought it was just her who was dealing with this, as no one else in our family has HH. I think she now has a sense of belonging in a way that she isn’t the only person but is rather part of a group of people who she now sees as special who are helping each other.

Jul 16, 2018 • Posted by guest

It’s so hard! My daughter is the reason I’m here. She is 13 now and hates it soooo bad. She has always had issues with friends not wanting to hold hands- heard horrible comments when she was younger. They didn’t know, but it still hurt her feelings- a lot. She took glycopyrolate (so?) for a few years but it started to effect her vision. She is on oxybutinin now but the Texas heat is winning. Considering ion machine..

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