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Here is the post of thanks letter (Iontocure iD-100 Review) from our dear customer.

It really inspired us works harder and provide a better service.

Location: United State


I am so happy with the results of my purchase that I wanted to leave a review, but didn't see a place on the website. I feel like other people HAVE to know how effective this is!!

I have been using the Iontocure iD-100 for over two months now and have had INCREDIBLE results! I used to have very sweaty hands and feet, so I avoided shaking hands and always had to wear socks. Before this, I tried medication, topical treatments, and nothing worked like this! After just two weeks of treatments (every other day for 15 minutes each polarity on both hands and feet) the sweating in my hands decreased dramatically. After these two months, I now only do treatments 1-2 times per week and have seen at least a 90% reduction in the sweating of my hands and feet! This product has literally changed my life. I was a little skeptical before I purchased, but I was so desperate I decided to give it a try. It is SO WORTH IT!!! Thank you!


Location: India

Content: Thank you so much iontocure team....
I really meant it.....
Bcz concern problem was since from my age 8yrs till am 19 now....
Since in just 8 days i got unbeatable result....
Thank you from my bottom of heart....
Love u iontocure team.....
From india
Samkit jain


Location: Philippine

Content: Dear IontoCure,
Good day! Thank you for bringing up iontocure machine which is more cheaper than any other brands.
As of this moment I'm enjoying the dryness of my hands and feet. No hesitation to go out with friends, shakehands and etc.
At first I do doubt if it will work to me because I have this severe sweating in my hands. Dripping the whole day. It felt irritably annoying because I can't do any task without thinking of this sweat. But until one I've heard about your machine expensive yet not too expensive comparing other brands. So I decided to contact you. I'm too excited while waiting for the machine to arrive here in the Philippines.
April 27, if I'm not mistaken I already have it. Then because I'm scared of electricity I just made myself brave. He he..
May 1, I started to do the session. It became worst at first. Then finally May 20 I can see the difference!
Having this machine is worth living for!
Thank you so much IONTOCURE TEAM! Stay blessed!
IontoCure User


Location: United State

Hi again!
Thank you so so very much for providing this machine. I have done 4 days of treatment and have gone 5 days without treatment SWEAT FREE! It's been a life changer and I can't thank the inventor of this machine enough. God bless!