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iontophoresis machine reviews

honest iontophoresis machine reviews for iontocure hyperhidrosis iontophoresis device including iD-100 and iD-200
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Worked for my daughter!

It took almost 2 weeks of daily treatments to see results (dry hands), but it has now been 10 days and she is still dry. Don’t know how it works, but try it!

I have purchased 3. Very happy with purchases!

Works perfectly!

After daily use for about 5 days, it was almost like being "cured" I now use it once a week and I have had no excessive sweating since (2 months). I use it on about 3.5 mA which i know is quite lower than recommended but I find anything over that pretty uncomfortable. It also makes my hands a bit dry but nothing a little lotion doesn't fix. Would rather be extra dry than extra wet. The company has great customer service as well!

iontocure review

I got it on time, and it works! i feel a significant change- so first of all thank you. a few things that i think can change for the better:
1. the metal platforms are beggining already to show some wear and tear- discoloration. i hope they will last for a long time.
2. i think it will be more efficient if the monitor will show which if the current is reversed or the same as when you first put the hands in the water. sometimes you need to take your hands out more than once (things around you that happen by accident) and then you're not sure about it.

other than that- very happy with the product and the service.

thank again!

Controller has to be reset frequently

Iontophoresis may be working for my daughter, but it is difficult to get the iD-200 to work properly. The controller is very buggy and the we have to reset it frequently to get it to work at all. The controller will freeze and the buttons don't respond or don't work as expected. Getting it to work fro a single session is difficult.

Sto utilizzando l’apparecchio da circa un mese e devo ammettere che sto notando risultati soddisfacenti.

Remarkable. This is somewhat emotional for me. For the 1st time in many years I am no longer suffering from the embarrassment of sweaty hands. I can't thank you enough.

Allhamdulillah. I still can't believe this machine is work for me amazing

Allhamdulillah.. I have say not so much. I still can't believe this machine is working for me easily .i m ibrahim sheikh. I m 26 years old.i have been Suffering 27 years sweaty hands &Feet. first time i m surprised in my life because My hands completely dry.Thanks this company.Especially jacky sir thank you so much,jacky sir you re the great.. I can not forget you. these machine i use only 1 Week after i got a good result.. i love this machine.. Wow incredible customers service, Amazing Iontocure machine will work so Excilent.I have no explanation for how good tgis company,s service is better. I saw the first such good company service in my life..Especially jacky sir is the best for me,,Thanks again jacky sir and your company.I have been using only 7days to Achieve very good result... I love this machine.. Allhamdulillah. My life is change now.. I feels now comfortable always, jacky sir i remember you whole of in my life. . Allah hafez.... .

amazing product

amazing product worked great no issues at all. Easy installation and clear user guide.

Great Solution for My Hyperhydrosis

the shipment come very fast from hongkong to Indonesia. I order at Saturday, next Tuesday the goods had arrived.

1st part (how I use the machine)
I started using the machine for both legs and hands by default setting. in my experience, the current (ampere) default setting (8mA) for the hands is not comfortable, its quite give a electrical hurts to my hands, so base on the instruction I start on 4 mA.
I don't know if I missed the clue to adjust the voltage, but in my experience I can't adjust the voltage (base on my research the effect for the hands is good when it reach 30Volts). but I don't know because every time I use the machine, the voltage fluctuate without my control.
For the foots, I have no problem.
But be careful not to use the machine when you have wound on your palms area (treatment area). the current will flow through the wound and it will be hurt

2nd part (effectivity)
I use the machine following the instructions 20 minutes on hands and 20 minutes on foots. with short break every 10 minutes for each treatment session.
1 week after the treatment with everyday treatment, there are some significant effect how the frequency of palm sweating is reduced. but still not enough. My benchmark on successful treatment, I can shake hands freely and don't sweat heavily when paling tennis. at this 1st week treatment, still not reached.
at the second week of treatment, I can shake hands about 80-90% without sweating palms, which is very good.
after 3rd weeks treatment, I can shake hands freely without sweating, and I can play tennis with relatively dry hands and improve my game because no I can hold the racquet steadily.
now I still use the machine every 3-4 days and maintain the result. my hands and foots (palms) still sweating sometimes, but not in the situation when I need it to dry

Thanks for the team which create a very useful machine for me.

Worth it

As part of my job as a health care provider, I have to touch people everyday. Being sweaty undermined my confidence and made it hard to focus on anything else....now I am able to focus on my patients.

I noticed drier hands after the 1st and 2nd treatment, but my hands actually got worse up until the 3rd week of treatment, at which point, the change was drastic.

I was hesitant to buy it, thinking it was a big risk financially, but it has proven to be worth every penny. Being able to shake hands and touch people without being embarrassed about my hands is priceless.

Finally...something that works

I am 80 and have suffered with dripping hands and feet since infancy. I used this just twice and I'm three weeks without wet hands and feet. Just wish this had been available years ago. Thank you.

Well it work well


This machine is just amazing. I wish i found out about it sooner, Hands don't sweat anymore after 8 days of treatment now i use it only once a week. THANK YOU.

This machine is working amazing for me. I can't believe I waited so long to try it. I've been using it everyday for about a month. My hands and feet have been dry for a week straight now and so I'm only going to use the machine once a week to maintain. I love it!!!

Works great.

I didn't know if this was going to work for me since I sweat so bad, it drips off my hands. After using Iontocure, my hands have become less sweaty. The moments where they would just start sweating and not stop has decreased a lot! I feel more self-confidence and not as shy as I have always been.

Works great...but

This thing works great, simply amazing. The only problem is that it's hard to get my daughter to stick with the regiment, she really doesn't like the tingling, itchy feeling during the treatments. We have tried lower settings, but she still complains. All I can tell her is that it seems like a small price to pay to be sweat free.

Sweat gone!

It got rid of my sweat completely. I love this machine so much.

Takes around 2 weeks to see the fantastic result. Thank you!

Little to no results 29 days into it

I generally don’t leave reviews but because this is a real struggle for me and for a lot of people I want to share my experience. I have had what I believe to be a very serious level of hyperhydrosis since I can remember and i’m 28 now so probably since I was 5. I can literally make my hands drip sweat in less than one minute if I really wanted to to give you an idea. Literally drip! I’ve had this machine for 29 says now and have used it for probably 23-24 days of the 29 in level 5-6 for 20 minutes each time. My sweat has maybe reduced by 10% if that so it hasn't really worked for me. I plan on increasing the lever to 6-7 for 30 more days before I return it. The product is easy to use and so far customer service seems friendly but at this point I don’t know if my case is too severe or if the machine simply just doesn’t work.

Well see!

Miracle Cure

After having palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis since childhood, this has been life changing. After 3 uses my hands do not sweat at all. Even while exercising, on the hottest days, or most stressful situations. I have confidence to shake people’s hands now whereas I was always avoiding contact before. I’ve had the machine for a month now and just do once or twice a week maintenance now. Who would have ever known something like this could help and at such an affordable price point without side effects. Thank you so much.

Not the product for me.

I'm 27 now and have suffered from hyperhidrosis since elementary school. Hands, feet, and underarms. I tried to ignore and hide it due to embarrassment but finally decided to be proactive about it and order this machine. I believe it's been about 2 months of consistent daily use, and I unfortunately have yielded no results. I had to instead schedule and appointment with my dermatologist and get a prescription for an oral medication. This product unfortunately will not work for everyone. Our bodies are all different. I would say still try it because you might be one of the lucky ones! This machine is incredibly easy to use, however. And the customer service for this company is amazing and top notch. They really care about you, and making your condition right. I would recommend ordering from this company if you want to try one of these machines!

Works very well

Easy to use. Effective!!

Finally some relief for soaked hands

Clams or waterfalls 100% works but you must keep it in your routine takes about one month for true results. Twice a day-15min on each polarity (1 hour a day total). Much better than the older version that gave me blisters and shocked me

Very satisfied customer

Awesome product, I have been living with sweaty feet for as long as I can remember. In one week of treatment I noticed a big difference in the way my feet felt in shoes. No more wet clammy feeling feet! Great customer service!! Buying 2 more for family members.